(Revenue Opportunity and Action Report)

The ROAR is a quarterly benchmarking report produced by the CDP to help stations identify opportunity areas within their fundraising practices. This report is made possible by the National Reference File (NRF), a CDP database containing membership data from more than 75 stations.

2013-11-27_1152From this data, we provide stations with reporting on 24 Key Fundraising Metrics and are able to use the collected data to provide opportunity calculations using Average and Good system-wide values for each metric.

The ROAR is produced on a quarterly basis and each station is responsible for providing data on the following schedule:

ROAR Schedule

CDP has set-up custom database coding to help create a “universal” data set for the NRF. For more information on the database enhancements that you can take advantage of to ease data transfer, please click here.

As always if you have any questions, please contact the CDP Team.

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