The Contributor Development Partnership (CDP) mission is to solve critical development issues all of public broadcasting is confronting. Our development of the first and only system-wide data reference file has enabled testing and analysis that has produced many free assets for stations, as well as other innovative fee-based services. These services are specifically designed to not only solve the challenges of limited staff and tight budgets, but to increase NET revenue. To date, CDP has driven over $35 Million in NET revenue back to stations.

The coalition of over 170 TV and Radio stations participating in our no-cost baseline services continues to grow and these stations are benefiting from tools like the quarterly (ROAR) benchmarking reports, webinars, best practices checklists and fundraising calculators.

As CDP grows, we continue to investigate ways to increase station revenue. Our projects have consistently cut vendor costs and we now have technology that can bring even more efficiency and savings to public broadcasting, including outsourced membership services and CRM software implementation and support.

If you are experiencing a decline in prospects or erosion in the effectiveness of typical marketing channels at your station, CDP can help improve your bottom line.

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