Idea Engine: Digital Prospecting

By Barry Nelson

With the growth of public media Local Journalism Centers (LJCs), Regional Journalism Centers (RJCs), audience-driven reporting models such as Hearken and the Finding America collaboration from Localore, audience development efforts have become high priorities for content teams in recent years.   Whether engagement efforts include on-air, email, social media or face to face contact, your station is gathering a good deal of data.

While the gathering of such “engagement data” has value to the content team, it may have even more value to the Membership program.  An audience member who takes steps toward deeper participation in the content is a decent prospect for membership.  However, that level of interest in the station may not catalyze the audience member to take the next step toward giving without a prompt from the station.  Enter CDP’s free Digital Prospecting project (the link requires a CDP password—if you do not have one, contact us).

Digital Prospecting takes advantage of the RedPoint Global platform to deploy automated, dynamic messaging, delivered under the station’s brand, and designed to lead to conversion.  All data and donations are returned back to stations.

CDP parlayed Downton Abbey fever to run a test campaign with more than 20 stations following the 2015 Downton Abbey Sweepstakes. The valuable content we provided to prospects on a monthly basis continues to show an above-average engagement level with open rates consistently above 27%.

Who Should Be Contacted?

  • A person who engages with the station multiple times and is not on the member file
  • Sweepstakes or drawings entrants (if applicable: CDP Masterpiece & Antique Road Show sweepstakes data)
  • Events attendees (ticket or free versus membership-driven)
  • Merchandise purchasers (DVDs, station swag, etc)
  • PBS Prosper/NPR contacts

Where is the Data?

  • Where is content-driven “engagement data” stored at your station? Do you have access to it?  Can you work with the content team to determine/export contacts?
  • Do you have prospect lists from various sources loaded into your CRM? Do they exist on Spreadsheet or in another format?

How Much Data Do You Have?

  • Email only?
  • Is there an effort to further append that data with name, address, zip, phone?

If you can devote staff time to drafting and sending communications to prospect lists, the CDP always encourages you to do so.  However, if resources are tight and time would be better spent on other membership & development matters locally, CDP can execute this effort for your station free.

A typical one-year prospect campaign may include:

  • Station Welcome Series: 3 successive email messages to prospects
  • Monthly e-News: Programming preview with links to station schedule
  • Quarterly Solicitation: Donations lead directly back to stations 100%

Audience development goes hand in hand with revenue development.  Listeners and viewers want to support organizations they believe in and engage with, and often the efforts to close the loop are hampered by constraints on local resources.

Let CDP take this off your plate!

Contact my colleague Mike Sharp to get started with CDPs free Digital Prospecting service.

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