A Story About Data

We all have data, but do we all have a compelling story?

CDP works with your station’s data to deliver you a free report that outlines the strength of your overall fundraising program. We breathe, sleep, and drink data; but data isn’t the only character in all our gift stories. We discovered two articles that discussed the importance of co-mingling data and storytelling for your donors.

The first article, Data-Driven Fundraising and Storytelling, mentions that ”marketing is a science, with aspects of art that intrude, rather than an art with science looming like an inconvenient truth.”

Donors give more when they become connected with narratives in messaging. Empathizing with a story increases oxytocin levels by 47% and oxytocin then increases giving.

Data is used to discover what story is best to tell. Asking your donors simple personality questions during surveys or as time permits will give you a glimpse into their minds. Do you know what your donors personally care about?Find out and you will build stronger and longer-lasting relationships with your donors.

In the second article, 4 Steps to Creating Your Nonprofit’s Storytelling Strategy, we are given 4 solid executable steps to begin the storytelling process.

Step 1: Start with the Important Dates

  • Outline the important dates for your station
  • Brainstorm ideas and storytelling opportunities for each date
  • Examples: #GivingTuesday, Holidays, Year-end campaigns, etc.

Step 2: Choose Your Key Messages

  • Decide what key messages (main points you would like your donors to take away from your stories) you’d like to express throughout these dates
  • These should always line up with your stations mission

Step 3: Find Your Stories

  • Brainstorm actual stories for your messaging and fundraising efforts
  • Highlight how your station has created change in your donor’s lives and their communities

Step 4: Create Your Plan

  • Craft the story
  • Consult team and begin project management

But where should these stories be told? Our third article, How Nonprofits Can Use Storytelling to Boost Donor Retention, outlined three places where.

  1. Thank You Letters
  2. Donor Newsletters
  3. Impact or Gratitude Reports

The article also mentions that communication frequency with the storytelling content is key to retaining donors. Once a month emails will not retain as many donors as your goal. Your station needs to communicate the impact that your donors have to engage and build mutually beneficial relationships.

If your station is having successful telling your story, please let us know!

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