Credit Card Breach!

Has your station contacted your donors about updating their credit card information yet? If not, you should.

Several major retailers experienced credit card security breaches over the holidays (more information here). Because of these attacks, it is expected that millions of card holders will be receiving new card numbers over the next several weeks. In order to ensure that your sustaining payments continue to process accordingly, you should be actively reaching out to donors whose cards have failed to process. As they update other recurring payments like gym memberships, cable and phone bills, help to ensure that your station is top of mind in that process and use the opportunity for EFT conversion. Data shows that EFT Sustainers have much better retention than any other group of donors. Stations can use this event as an opportunity to move more sustainers to EFT. Click below for an example email that can be used to help in your own efforts.

Thank you to Louise Stephens and Dawn Fenimore at RMPBS for their help!


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