The Speed of Thought



A recent Bloomberg editorial entitled Navigating Charity’s Fast and Slow Lanes brought some interesting donor segmentation to light. Findings in a recent study showed that fast thinkers tend to give emotionally and don’t respond to hard statistical data the way that slower thinkers do. The fast thinkers tended to give in smaller increments while the slow thinkers were those likely to give over $100.

Could this be an opportunity for a test at your station? Do you use specific numbers in your messaging or does your narrative contain a passionate appeal? Click the link above to hear more about this interesting study.

Canvassing Field Trip Sign-up

We have been planning some special opportunities for attendees of PMDMC this year. If you or someone at your station is planning to be in Denver this July, you will now have a unique chance to get an inside look at the local Denver operation at RMPBS. Check out our May CDP Newsletter, delivered tomorrow to stations, for further details.

Please sign up or fill out the form below for more information on logistics as they develop!

Share of Wallet Analysis: Pre and Post-Recession Giving

The Analytical Ones site has recently refreshed the IRS data it uses in its analysis of how giving has changed since 2008 on a state-by-state level. This data, based on deductions taken on US tax returns, is listed out alphabetically by state for ease.


Click here for the list and more details:

Station Spotlight: Maryland Public Television


Are you using the prospects generated from Masterpiece Sweepstakes to your station’s best advantage? Perhaps you haven’t budgeted the time – but you should. Maybe the folks over at MPT can convince you: Kari Honeycutt, who works in Development Special Fundraising, recently reported her findings back to CDP saying the list was “more than worth the time invested.” We asked Kari to tell us more and she generously provided the following stats:

EMAIL opt-ins 2278 90.0%
DONORS 781 31.0%
Previously registered 525 21.0%
Donated since Masterpiece affinity added 195 7.7%
Lapsed donors reengaged 174 6.9%
Made first donation 20 0.8%
Became new sustainers (38 total in group) 13 0.5%

Information about your donors’ interests is particularly useful because once you tag a donor you can more effectively engage with them and target your asks specifically to them. Kari tells us that MPT had 82 donors give over $200 and 6 have given over $500. Of MPT’s new sustainers, 13 signed on after being tagged with Masterpiece interest and being communicated with accordingly. Kari says the station reached out regarding preview screenings, travel opportunities and programming.

If you’d like to capitalize on sweepstakes prospecting at your station there is still time to promote the Antiques Roadshow Sweepstakes, expiring 5/12/14. CDP administers the localization of station URLs and assets for both of these sweepstakes: please contact Brooks Heckner for more info.


New Checklist Available

checklist-clipartWe hope you were able to tune in to our recent webinar announcing our new Email & Online Fundraising checklist. If not, click here to view this – or any other webinar CDP has offered.

In addition to the general best practices and data hygiene tips this checklist will offer specifics on steps you can take to effectively leverage your stations’ web page, create better email campaigns, and use segmentation in your efforts. Click here for the checklist. Contact us if you need a password.

How-To: Calculate Retention

How-TOCalculate Sustainer Retention

During a recent Let’s Chat! session we discussed a method of calculating the retention of sustainers using Excel. Many attendees were eager to learn the process in greater detail so they could perform this useful analysis at their stations. Michal’s “film debut” is a short one: 15-minutes long to be exact. Find it in Fundraising Calculators under Station Resources, or by clicking here.