Get Ready to ROAR: CDP Webinar at 2pm ET Today


ROAR_sampleWant to learn the methodology behind the quarterly ROAR report? Today is your chance. We will be breaking down the ROAR (Revenue Opportunity and Action Report – but you knew that) in layman’s terms. And we won’t stop at bland definitions – as indicated in the name, this is an action report, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t point out specific measures to boost performance that correlate to each metric. Join us today at 2pm to learn how you can make the most of this valuable fundraising tool with your development team.

CDP sent an invite out to this session via email and also posted the link within our September newsletter.  If you can’t make the webinar, we will post the recording under Station Resources, where all our past webinars are stored. Contact someone on our team if you need log in credentials for either the website or the actual live webinar today.

Meet Hunter Sears: CDP Project Manager


Tell us a little about your professional history.
After college, I spent a few years traveling abroad before moving to Denver, CO during the height of the recession. With limited job prospects, I took an entry-level position as a door-to-door canvasser with a newly established community organizing firm called Rocky Mountain Voter Outreach. The company grew rapidly and within a few years, I was excelling in leadership positions, directing political field campaigns and managing entire teams of canvassers and field managers. In 2011, I joined Donor Development Strategies.

The success of DDS’s initial project at RMPBS lead to their eventual partnership with WGBH, and I jumped on the opportunity to be one of the founding directors of the WGBH’s new canvass project. Over the past 3.5 years, I oversaw the continued development of the project and have aided in launching and managing several other successful canvass programs as DDS expanded its canvass operations to over 13 affiliates nationwide. Having seen the development of the canvass program from the very beginning and having an intimate understanding of how it works on an operational level, I’m thrilled to continue to further develop the project on a national scale on behalf of the CDP.

So is it safe to assume that Canvassing is your favorite CDP project?
Having been a part of canvassing project from its inception, I’d have to say it’s my favorite CDP project at this point. I’m particularly excited about maximizing the potential value of the canvass program by modeling demographic and historical data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the program on the operational level for individual markets.

Now for some hard-hitting questions: what’s your favorite PBS show?
Like many in my generation, much of childhood and early education was shaped through PBS kids programming, particularly Reading Rainbow and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?. I have fond memories of watching those shows during class in elementary school. A self-professed ‘news junkie’, I’m a huge fan of Frontline.

Frontline is amazing; we agree there. Tell this investigative reporter one fun fact about the real Hunter Sears.
My family’s New England roots run deep, particularly on Cape Cod (my ancestral ‘homeland’…Sears have lived in the town of Dennis since the 1600s). An ‘activist’ since an early age, I founded my high school’s first LGBT-rights club and was voted “Most Political” as my senior superlative.

That’s three fun facts but they were good ones! I have one final question for you: do you know what “gooder” means and can you use it in a sentence?
I don’t think ‘gooder’ is a word – I’d google it but wouldn’t want cheat.

I think Michal Heiplik would disagree with you. “Gooder” is a Czech(ish) word and when Michal says it you know you’ve gotten something right. We’ll have to get you up-to-speed on some inner-circle CDP lingo, stat. Welcome aboard Hunter – we are glad to have you on our team!

If you’d like to join us in welcoming Hunter to the team, feel free to contact him and say hello.

New Facebook Feature: “Donate Now” Button


Facebook, with its audience of 1.2 billion worldwide and 128 million daily users in America, has long been touted as a great way to help nonprofits find supporters. Many fundraisers in the past have been less-than-impressed with Facebook’s partnership for a variety of reasons, and their concerns may have just been answered with the “Donate Now” button, which allows users to stay on the site and give to a nonprofit organization.

Currently, only 1% of all online fundraising can be attributed to social media, including Facebook, according to Blackbaud’s research. “Only 2 percent of nonprofits in the United States raised $10,000 to $25,000 through Facebook in a 12-month period, and 1 percent raised $25,000 to $100,000, according to a report released last year by [Blackbaud].” It will be interesting to see if this changes with the new “Donate Now” feature.

In May 2015 Facebook raised more than $15 million in response to the deadly earthquake in Nepal from 754,000 people after inserting a request for donations into its users’ feeds. The money went to International Medical Corps, which was providing emergency services in the country.

An earlier test conducted in 2013 had problems, the main one being that the donate button did not appear in the Facebook mobile app, which is how roughly 78% of daily users access the platform. Another issue with that pilot? The 19 chosen nonprofits participating did not get the names or e-mail addresses of people who used the donate button. Developing relationships with donors depends on the ability to contact them, and the nonprofits were not happy with this feature. The previous test also did not allow people to stay on the site and donate, and social media experts found the disclaimer telling users they were being directed to an external website may turn some people off.

Time will tell what this new feature will bear in terms of dollars and donors, but this is certainly a positive development for all nonprofits on Facebook. Here are links to the news pieces consulted to write this post:

Philanthropy today

Social Times

Who Wants Ice Cream? CDP Project Sign-up Challenge Ending Soon


We’re all adults here, but it’s OK to get a little excited over ice cream. And after scrupulous testing of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream delivery service here at CDP, we have decided to roll it out to stations.

So let this be your friendly reminder: stations with pending CDP contracts should hustle those signatures back to us by the end of this week for a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream party for your Membership staff.

So far our sweet treats go out to the teams from Rocky Mountain PBS, VegasPBS, WVTF, WETA and WBST – congrats! Being proactive has its rewards; contact us.

New: Major Donor Metric in Quarterly ROAR Report

ROAR_sampleCurrently, ROAR reports measure the number of donors who give $1000 or more cumulatively over a 12-month period and gives a grand total of the revenue from these donors on your file. In addition to this, future ROAR reports will also provide analysis on the percentage of revenue that these donors bring to your station.

This enables your station to truly compare your program to others in the system. It qualifies not just the number of donors but also the return on the donor relationship that you establish. The percentage of revenue derived from donors giving more than $1000 per year is a key measure that stations should watch: Major donors present a tremendous opportunity to every station.

Website Optimization Tools and Resources

We hope you were able to catch today’s webinar, Digital Marketing II (part of CDP’s 30-Minute Deep Dive series). As promised, below are some resources to help you jump-start web optimization efforts at your station.

Digital marketing tools and tactics present tremendous opportunities for fundraisers. Data-driven optimization helps us use these tools to serve our mission and deliver value to members in support of membership fundraising.

The key takeaway is to have conversation around data driven optimization with the person most responsible for your station’s website. These resources should become a helpful addition to the work you are already doing.


Occam’s Razor, by Avinash Kaushik
Ten Hidden Gems in Google Analytics
This particular post discusses affinity and in-market segment. Overall this is a great blog and I recommend taking a look around.

Speed is a Killer – Why Decreasing Page Load Time Can Drastically Increase Conversions
Contains a link to the infographic on page load impact

Google PageSpeed Tools
As I mentioned on the webinar, don’t panic if you see a “bad” score. Use this information to start a conversation with the manager of your station’s website.

A service that tracks site performance.

“CrazyEgg is like a pair of x-ray glasses that lets you see exactly what people are doing on your website.”

“The leading platform for testing and personalization across devices”