New: Major Donor Metric in Quarterly ROAR Report

ROAR_sampleCurrently, ROAR reports measure the number of donors who give $1000 or more cumulatively over a 12-month period and gives a grand total of the revenue from these donors on your file. In addition to this, future ROAR reports will also provide analysis on the percentage of revenue that these donors bring to your station.

This enables your station to truly compare your program to others in the system. It qualifies not just the number of donors but also the return on the donor relationship that you establish. The percentage of revenue derived from donors giving more than $1000 per year is a key measure that stations should watch: Major donors present a tremendous opportunity to every station.

Website Optimization Tools and Resources

We hope you were able to catch today’s webinar, Digital Marketing II (part of CDP’s 30-Minute Deep Dive series). As promised, below are some resources to help you jump-start web optimization efforts at your station.

Digital marketing tools and tactics present tremendous opportunities for fundraisers. Data-driven optimization helps us use these tools to serve our mission and deliver value to members in support of membership fundraising.

The key takeaway is to have conversation around data driven optimization with the person most responsible for your station’s website. These resources should become a helpful addition to the work you are already doing.


Occam’s Razor, by Avinash Kaushik
Ten Hidden Gems in Google Analytics
This particular post discusses affinity and in-market segment. Overall this is a great blog and I recommend taking a look around.

Speed is a Killer – Why Decreasing Page Load Time Can Drastically Increase Conversions
Contains a link to the infographic on page load impact

Google PageSpeed Tools
As I mentioned on the webinar, don’t panic if you see a “bad” score. Use this information to start a conversation with the manager of your station’s website.

A service that tracks site performance.

“CrazyEgg is like a pair of x-ray glasses that lets you see exactly what people are doing on your website.”

“The leading platform for testing and personalization across devices”

Helpful Links from Today’s Webinar: Email 30-Minute Deep Dive

I’m looking forward to the webinar this afternoon and wanted to pass along these resources in support of today’s topic.

Build Your Own List Growth and Churn Report
Digital Marketing consultant Lisa Schumacher published this handy step-by-step guide, illustrating one way to approach creating list growth and churn reports.

How to Measure Your Email Marketing List Churn Rate

Boosting Your Email Revenue with Small Scale Facebook Ads
According to Brian O’Grady at Trilogy Interactive in a recent post on the Netroots Foundation website there are multiple studies that show that people who see fundraising ads on Facebook are more likely to respond to email for those campaigns. This is an interesting exercise in understanding how other digital platforms work with your email efforts to lift your response and engagement. 

Here is the whitepaper from the study:

Frank Auer at WGBH is running a small test of this right now for WGBH’s end of fiscal year fundraising. We’ll publish the creative, the method, and the results here in July.

Have a great day!

Teri Lamitie

2015 M+R Benchmarking Report


We have told you time and again about our deep, abiding love for data. We have demonstrated this by posting every possible variety of benchmarking report for you to diligently digest, not to mention producing our very own (and not-to-shabby) quarterly ROAR reports for public TV and Radio stations. Now, you may call this overkill but some additional food for thought is here and it’s the 2015 M+R report, produced jointly with the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). More benchmarking, you ask? But let us tell you why.

This is a report that looks at trends in digital across all sectors of nonprofit fundraising. We’re talking about data compiled from heavy-hitters like the American Red Cross  and the Nature Conservancy, plus 82 more very well-known organizations. The participants are broken down both categorically and by size to look at trends in all aspects of email marketing and online fundraising, a segment of fundraising CDP is watching pretty closely these days.

This year, data submissions from the Cultural and Domestic Hunger/Poverty sectors were up so significantly that for the first time they were able to create them as distinct categories in the benchmarking. No, public broadcasting was not included, but do not let that stop you from benefiting from the insights contained here. Comparisons can certainly be drawn from the S/M/L organizational categories and trust us: within these 60 pages you’ll find a fun, informative read. This is data that has been brought to life with bold graphics and just the right amount of humor.

Have we piqued your interest? M+R is free with the submission of your name and email address. Get your own copy of the 2015 report here.

More about M+R and their mission can be found here.

What’s Your Story?

CookieMonsterAre your donor communications conveying the desired message in a way that engages and grabs the reader?

While we know that donors appreciate details when it comes to fundraising, how you share those details is as critical as what you share. Donors want to know what impact their donation will make, so your aim is to blend specifics along with artful storytelling.

A March post from the Nonprofit Marketing Blog titled “Rich Details for Record-Breaking Results” highlights an excellent appeal excerpt from WBGO, a NYC jazz radio station. The author outlines some steps to making your fundraising messages more memorable, and she also includes a link to a Harvard Business Review communications case study (The Curse of Knowledge). For $6, the HBR study discusses methods of translating experience to customers into concrete language that the customer can feel and understand. (You can read the abstract free of charge.)

How are you conveying your station story to donors? Share your examples of powerful engagement with us!

Do You Know NACHA? CDP Webinar Today

Please join CDP for a webinar discussing specifics you’ll need to handle both marketing and back-end operations so you can be certain your station is processing EFT payments correctly. We may or may not be eating Nachos as we deliver the presentation, stay tuned:

EFT /NACHA Update Webinar
March 25, 2015 at 2pm ET
Link to meeting:
Conference # 1-888-205-5513 Code: 532167

**No need to pre-register for this webinar. Just click the link to join.

Of course if you can’t join us you will find the recording of this webinar under the Station Resources>Webinar Links header. If you forgot your password, contact us.